Quality and Responsibility

The business philosophy of MA.BO. is based on a continued and detailed attention to quality in all of its manufacturing and work processes.

The company’s business system produces according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certification standards that qualify MA.BO. as high precision mechanical small parts supplier expecially for automotive sector.

Two key factors contribute to the excellence of the company’s Quality Control Department: the use of cutting-edge measuring and checking instruments and its highly qualified staff, who work in ongoing synergy with the production department.

MA.BO. believes that quality and excellence must include responsibility to the environment in which we live and work. Thanks to its creation and implementation of environmentally friendly processes, the company manufactures according to the rules set by the ISO 14001:2015 certification.


Respect and sustainability

Ma.Bo. has always believed that our experience as professionals and humans should be guided by essential values requiring us to respect the environment, safeguard the rights of the workforce, guarantee health and safety at work, and an ethical approach to business.

In order to guarantee a sustainable management system, Ma.Bo. has made an ongoing commitment to prevent and/or reduce the impact that its operations has on the environment, making efforts to use energy rationally and efficiently: thanks to this “green” approach, and its photovoltaic system, Ma.Bo manages to produce one third of the plant’s energy requirements, reducing its emissions of CO2 by 100 tons a year.

Ma.Bo. is able to reach these high standards of quality and sustainability by using the best technologies currently available on the market to improve the services it offers, protect the environment and guarantee safety.