Ma.Bo., after its successful participation in the MECSPE in Parma, announced a major development in its own line of machinery. The 8 STATION PROGRESSIVE HONING/GRINDING machine will soon be up and running.

This is not just a “simple machine”, it is actually a completely AUTOMATED WORK STATION, designed for cartridges, valve seats and other processes.

Even tolerance is close to ZERO: it is capable of honing through holes in particular Ø 4 to Ø 32 oleodynamic elements, with a geometric tolerance of 2 µ; a cylindrical tolerance of 2 µ and a roundness tolerance of 1 µ. It is capable of producing articles with a roughness of under RZ1.

Another feature that stands out in this “new entry”, which provides further confirmation of the TOP QUALITY of Ma.Bo’s work, is the presence of a final 100% polishing and control station, with a post-process measurement unit integrated within the WORK STATION.

Finally, the flexibility and versatility of the system enable a quick machine set-up between one production lot and the next, which means that’s production efficiency can be guaranteed over 3 work shifts while maintaining the tolerance levels.