At the end of the 2nd quarter of 2017, Ma.Bo. has INCREASED its turnover and focused on exports with even more determination than in previous years.

Data has shown an important increase in orders compared to the first quarter, a signal proving that ongoing research into technology, innovation, and increasingly “surgical” quality are the way to consolidate Ma.Bo.’s Leadership in the field of precision mechanical hardware.

Its relations with long-standing customers, the acquisition of new partners, and the current negotiations with potential future customers, persuaded Ma.Bo. to put a long-term investment plan in place for the purchase of new machinery, further optimisation of its services, and a 45% increase in its Human Resources (already implemented over the last 5 years).

On account of this promising scenario, Ma.Bo. aims to be even more competitive on markets abroad, especially SCANDINAVIA which considers Ma.Bo. to be an ideal partner on account of its precision and care of its customers: taking part at the ELMIA Subcontractor trade fair in Stockholm in the last 2 years provided a major driving force for it to make inroads into these buoyant yet demanding markets. What’s more, its prestigious partnerships in Scandinavian markets have persuaded Ma.Bo. to consider expanding its international market presence outside Europe, where it can offer a competitive package thanks to the combination of Quality – Price – Customer Service.

Nevertheless, its focus and consolidation of the Italian market is still a major factor in the development policies at Ma.Bo.