All it took was 60 square metres and the determination of Malavasi and Bonaccini to make full use of their professional skills for Ma.Bo. srl to be founded in 1969. It was a time when systems were being built and fitted in the Reggio Emilia area to power the bells in church towers by electricity. It was the ideal opportunity for Ma.Bo. to offer customers a high quality service and professional expertise that became the cornerstones of the growth of the business.

The company flourished and in 1974 relocated to new premises to focus exclusively on the turning of items for third parties. This was a major change in direction and marked the start of decades of growth and ongoing research, driven by the pursuit of ongoing improvement and the untiring desire to offer customers the highest standards of products and services, so much so that Excellence is considered a company asset.

Growth in demand was unstoppable and at the end of the 1980s, Ma.Bo. expanded its premises to a total of 1600 square metres in order to install mechanically- and hydraulically-operated automated lathes alongside its existing work centres for secondary processes. Dimensions, assets, solidity, and growth potential have made Ma.Bo. a solid and dynamic business and a leader in its field.

It passed another important milestone in 1990: its first Quality Certificate, the tangible demonstration of excellence that has made it a well-known player throughout Italy over the years. It has continued to upgrade its production facilities, while providing training for its personnel, placing investments in research and development, and optimising the quality of its products, services and in-house processes: a combination that gives Ma.Bo. the credentials needed to work with an increasingly diverse customers base.

Ma.Bo. decided to expand its head office to a total of 7,000 square metres of production space in 2012, implementing cutting edge technology for the production of precision mechanical hardware. Ma.Bo. currently employs more than 60 people and turns over in excess of 6 million Euros; it has a fleet of over 60 CNC machines for the production of bespoke metal parts in the most diverse dimensions and specifications.

The last 3 years have been fundamental for its continued growth, as the implementation of its organisational structure, the investments made in the field, and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification and ISO TS16949 for the Automotive industry, have helped Ma.Bo. acquire new and important customers in many top markets abroad.


Ma.Bo. srl has always stood for quality and reliability. The company offers professional services for the production and assembly of high-precision, turned mechanical parts. Training, innovation, quality, and customisation are the cornerstones of the operations at Ma.Bo. and are reflected in every single item made by the company for its customers.