September 2022 – Pierluigi Casadei, Sales & Marketing Manager of MaBo, had the pleasure of giving an interview to Subfornitura News, a technical journal dedicated to the supply of processing and services on behalf of third parties. The milestones reached by MaBo in 2021 are remarkable and promising: 21 million parts produced, with an internal machining margin of 0.46%.

Thanks to strategic and innovative investments, we are able to cope with the current problematic raw material supply situation. The automated vertical warehouse keeps the supply chain running, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers. Our efforts are guided by a key value: a sensitive sustainability. Visit the Quality section to learn about the sustainable actions taken by MaBo. The crushing of the machining shavings makes it possible to turn waste into a resource and to recover 99% of the oil used during the production process. Growth and renewal are always accompanied by investments in the training of new professionals, a central element of our production chain.

Read the full interview on Subfornitura News.

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